Question :

Dear Ronald Maes,
Let me introduce myself...I am a medical doctor in Anesthesia, working with bioresonance and biological therapies from 20 years, and learn the basic of pendulum use 10 years ago, but only the basic. Never go in depth.

In the last year, i had been used RADIESTHESIE a lot, for diagnosis and distance  therapy, always with some pendulums.  Also dowloaded many "research" cadrans and "ondes de forme" graphics....photocopied and printed. I had been used with patients also with good results.   But i dont have a radionic machine. 

I bougth some DAJAFEE graphics and plan to buy some of the classics SERVRANX ones,more emissors than receptors cardans. I know about advice to no photocopy the graphics, specially the EMISSORS, because lost their function. 
Despite, i dont have a lot of money to buy all ones, and i had needed to do it, in digital printers, normal photocopies and with Plotter cold system.

I like to know your comments and your opinion, in relation with above and also with the next:

I like to buy a radionic device from SERVRANX, there are 2, ERR6P and the TELE-REC. And the PLANCHE APPAREL AGUERIR.

The ERR 6P its a very interesting device, but will take time to learn how use it. I saw your comments in your web site. Time and money effort !!  But infinite uses and options.  I see a video, the only one in internet, but is very superficial. 
But in this devce, where put a photo ???  I see the temoin put inside the aluminion tube, in a laboratory glass tube....but its for little one, what happen when its a big one ??  ( a photo of a person, animal, place etc ??? )   Or if i want to place a DAJAFEE or SERVRANX graphic ???   this last, its possible or is aberrant ??

The most of radionic devices comes with two plates, one for a sample or reception  and one for copy or emitting....well, at least i believe that .

Also the most of radionics comes with dials to fix the CODE or RATES of medications, remedies, etcetera....the classic ones !!

In this ERR 6P can i use RATES or only a paper when wrote it ??

And all these ones are same for the TELE REC.....

Also there are one device from esoteriqua or Dajafee,

I like it also, but all the language is numeric, letters must convert to numbers !!

And so on....

Hope you can help me and dont feel overwhelmed !!!  I am !!

My best regards, Thanks so muchg, sincerely yours, J. R., MEXICO.


Réponse :

Dear Sir,

Originally the graphiques where made using very white cardboard and the blackest ink possible (Japanese calligraphy style) for the drawings and the lines as to have an uninterrupted separation between the black and white.
If you reproduce a graphique, for best results, do it this way.
Photocopy will always give poor results because of the blurred contrast.
Later, high resolution printing made it possible to have a printed version with the same contrast.

The photo used with the radionics apparatus is placed in the aluminum container on top. Temoins like blood and saliva samples etc. are place in a glass tube sealed with a cork or plastic top and then into the aluminum container on top.

The ERR 6P is activated by turning the 6 potentiometers one by one until positive reaction of the pendulum. Of course after first having placed the témoins.

I have not used codes or rates with the ERR-6P as I did with the Delawarr (Oxford) apparatus - However it should be possible to make such rates after sufficient testing with the ERR-6P. I do not see the practical use as it is more efficient to activate the ERR-6P using the pendulum and is then absolutely proper for the particular case  being treated and without having to peruse multiple code tables.
Each technique has his particular uses and each operator will prefer what suites him best.

The PLANCHE APPAREL AGUERIR is the simplest device to use, combining the simplicity of the graphiques and adding some versatility of a radionic apparatus with the use of the solenoids placed on the squares indicated by the pendulum.

Paper written témoins of actions or paper témoins of beneficiary's can very efficiently be used with all radionic devices and graphiques.

I hope this will help you.
Best regards
Ronald Maes