Question 1 :

  Bonjour Monsieur.
Je suis brésilien. Je sais tré bien lire le français, mais je trouve difficile d’écrire. Puis-je poser une question en anglais?

 Réponse 1 : B

onjour Monsieur,
Oui, nous pouvons communiquer en anglais.
Ronald Maes 


Question 2 :

 Thanks for your reply.
I live in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. I have a good personal magnetism.
Although I am not a professional, I can easily put a person to sleep only with passes.
I know how to hypnotize.
I have sucssesfully treated a variety of ailments, like hipertension, depression, pains in general, etc.
So, when I decided to learn dowsing (radiesthésie) two years ago, I thought it would be very easy for me to develop dowsing sensivity.

What a deception, Monsieur! I’ve took lessons with professors Antonio Rodrigues and Sergio Nogueira, but the pendulum simply doesn’t move in my hands!
And when it decides to do it, the answers are wrong very frequently.

Over the year 2016 I’ve done many exercises with cards, coins, batteries, substances in general, and the results were discouraging. An average hit rate of just 50%!
In 2017 I decided to stop the training, and in january 2018 I restarted, but the situation remains the same.
I am persistent and I refuse to accept the failure.
So, I had the idea to change my training methods.
I have just read the books “Vous débuts en radiesthésie” and “ La sensibilité radiesthésique: comment l’acquérir, comment l’augmenter”,
and I am following all the guidelines contained in these books, and doing all the exercises proposed.
I’m very upset, Monsieur.
If you have any advice to help me with my training, I would be very glad.
Merci pour vos Lumières!

 Réponse 2 :

 Dear Sir,
There is no need to be discouraged, there is also no need to "acquire" radiesthesia, it is already inside all living creatures, it is part of our intuition and energetic field.
We might just not understand how to interpret the signals that our body gives us - the movements of pendulum or dowsing rod.
I suggest you start with a clean slate - for the moment put aside all you have read - this material might be useful again later.
Each of us has a personal approach to radiesthesia and the books you have read relate the personal experience of the authors.
Useful as examples but maybe not always so easy to copy.
So let's keep it as simple as possible to have a fresh start and allow yourself the errors at the beginning, these are no mistakes, they are signals that something needs to be corrected.

All living creatures learn from their errors by correcting the action.
We learn much more from our errors than from our successes.

At the point of success we have mastered the action and the learning ends for this matter.
On this page I explain an easy method to find your personal movement of the pendulum, and they will probably be different from those you have read about.
That is why these movements are personnal:
Read also the other articles on this page, they all treat about the pendulum :
You can also subscribe for a concise and simple training here, its free :
Do this at you own pace, this capacity to work with the pendulum will slowly emerge as you practice these simple methods.
And because you know that will make errors at the beginning you also know that more you practice the better you will get.

One more advice, well two :
- only do it when you feel ready for it, calmly and at you own pace - never feel obliged or under pressure that you 'have' to do it.

- never repeat your question to the pendulum, the first definitive movement of the pendulum is right

- if it is not what you expected, there was no need to use the pendulum as you had already made up your mind.

Also, if you repeat a question or exercise with the pendulum, why the second time would it be more correct than the first time ?
Feel free to contact me if needed.
All the best et bon travail
Ronald Maes