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WOODROFFE - Shakti and Shâkta

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Φ Shakti and Shâkta
Essays and adresses on the Shâkta tantrashâstra
Sir John Woodroffe
360 pages

"The Tantra has made the Yoga-system of Patañjali easily practicable and has combined with it the Tantrik rituals and the ceremonial observances (Karmakanda);
that is the reason why the Tantrik system of Sadhana has been adopted by all the religious sects of India.
If this theory of the antiquarians, that the Tantra was brought into India from Chaldea or Shakadvipa be correct, then it may also be inferred that the Tantra passed from Chaldea to Europe.
The Tantra is to be found in all the strata of Buddhism; the Tantrik Sadhana is manifest in Confucianism; and Shintoism is but another name of the Tantrik cult.
Many historians acknowledge that the worship of Shakti or Tantrik Sadhana which was prevalent in Egypt from ancient times spread into Phoenicia and Greece.
Consequently we may suppose that the influence of the Tantra was felt in primitive Christianity."
-- Sir John Woodroffe

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