How to print a book from the library


When you open a book of the Esoteric Library, you will find et the top its navigation bar.

On the left of this navigation bar you will find the "Print" icon
of the print module.icon of the print module

1- Click it to open.

navigation bar

icon of the print module

2- Print module opens.
♦ It is not advised to choose "Print all", because this will print the entire book. Including blank pages, cover pages and pages with unimportant text.
♥ Choose instead "Print selection" as shown in the screen capture below.

Print module opens

3 - Select the pages you want to print.
Limit the selection to 10 or 20 pages per print, you will better manage the printing process, and have control over the paper and the ink in your printer.
You can print as many sets as necessary.

Select the pages you want to print.

4- Click the "Print" button

Click the

5- In the screen "Print" eventually choose the printer if you have several.
Click the button "Properties" to choose how you want to print.
If everything is as you wish, click OK and printing starts.

In the screen

 If you click the button "Properties" the screen that opens is specific to your printer.
This will be different depending on the brand or the type of printer you have.
Follow the instructions on the screens.

It is also in these screens of your printer that you can enlarge or reduce the print size. It is advisable to enlarge or reduce by 10%.  Be careful, as for example enlarging 50% would double the printing surface, because the expansion (or reduction) is calculated diagonally on the page.

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