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The Metaphysical Magazine

The volumes are of inestimable value as a compendium of the live issues of the advanced thought of this liberal age, comprising a record of the world's progress along metaphysical lines not obtainable from any other source.

They form a Library of Occult Literature such as would take a lifetime to obtain through other means.

Issues already published (30 in total) :


The Metaphysical Magazine, as its name implies,
- is devoted to a scientific animation of the laws of being ;
- to a study of the operations and phenomena of the human mind ;
and to a systematic inquiry into the faculties, functions and attributes of the spiritual man.
- Its principal aim is to aid in the development of a understanding of those higher phases of activity always involved in the life of a human.

Well-written articles are solicited from writers thoroughly conversant with the facts of such subjects as relate to the occult sciences and to spiritual philosophy.

We are confident that a correct understanding of the inner nature and endowments of mankind will restore a more perfect expression of the idea in the creative Mind which man is intended to manifest.

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