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Bibliotheca-Esoterica is suspended
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  • Direct access to the books without downloading!  
  • The books open in your usual Internet, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera browser... 
  • on a computer, a laptop or a tablet, 
  • for Windows PC, Mac or Android. 

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  • 2 days free access! 
  • Explore the library free of charge for two days. 
  • Your subscription will only be charged after this trial period. 
  • If the library does not suit you, cancel your subscription before the end of the 2nd day and you pay nothing.
  • The subscription is currently only €6.95 per month for access to the entire catalogue, English books and French books. 
  • This price will remain as long as you do not cancel your subscription, even when increased for new members. 
  • This introductory price will not be maintained - subscribe before increase! 
  • Your Esoteric Library subscription authorizes you unlimited access to read all books on screen and
    print module  a print module allows you to print any part of or the whole book.
    How to print a book from the library.
    Book excerpts are read-on-screen only.

The esoteric library service
Bibliotheca-Esoterica is suspended
Following changes to...

  • Your subscription can be paid by PayPal and Credit cards.  
  • Secure payment is handled by PayPal, you can also pay by credit cards or bank cards. 
  • On the first page of PayPal you have the choice to pay with PayPal or with different credit and bank cards according to your preferences. 
  • Pay online with PayPal is very secure. Your membership fee is recurring; 
  • you can cancel your subscription at any time in your PayPal account. 


Currently more than 450 volumes (French and English) are available in the Esoteric Library

New releases will be regularly added to the library. Subscribe to our newsletter. Bulletin-Info. 

Note :
Our books are digital reproductions for reading on screen of rare and out of print books. The reader will excuse the slight imperfections due to books printed decades, even more than a century ago.

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